Status Update: New Project!

I finally feel comfortable enough announcing the new project I’m working on. It’s something I’ve been planning for a while and now that I finally have some free time to dedicate to it, I figured it was a good time to start it.

A few years ago I wrote a custom Dungeons & Dragons campaign to play with some friends. I’ve always really enjoyed the overall story of the campaign, particularly the way it starts off. The basic premise of the story is that the players are all prisoners in a high-security, magical, floating sky prison, which has come under sudden attack. During the confusion, the prisoners’ cell is unlocked by a suspicious-looking, strange little creature who wants to take them to his master on a special mission. From there, the players take over.

I really enjoyed the idea of the player characters being convicted criminals since it added a bit more to their backstory and helped make them a bit more “gritty” than the bland, goody-two-shoes heroes that can permeate standard D&D campaigns at times. The players also seemed to really embrace the opportunity based on some of the creative backstories and crimes they came up with to explain why their character ended up in such a high-security prison.

Based on the feedback from the players and my own enjoyment with running the campaign, I’ve decided to convert it into a Dragon Age module.

To prepare for it, I spent the better portion of this week knocking out a sample module using some online tutorials in order to get familiar with the toolset, and also re-organized the basic outline of the story into something that would work for the new setting and mechanics. In particular, I had to re-write the story to focus around a more central player character, rather than equally around a full party of players.

Now that the easy part is out of the way, I’m looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and diving into the project with a full head of steam. It should be fun!

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