Project Update: Level Design Document

Last week, I was asked to fill out a game design test by a potential employer and, as luck would have it, one of the exercises involved designing a level for a “Dungeon & Dragons”-style RPG. Since I had already done a lot of the design prep work for my current Dragon Age mod, I decided to use my project as the basis for the exercise.

After submitting the test, I figured it would be a shame to let a good design document go to waste, so I decided to continue fleshing it out as a fun, little pre-production exercise.

I’ve posted the map of the level below (including enemies and trigger hotspots) and the full level design document can be downloaded here.

Escape from Corin Tyr - Level Map

Escape from Corin Tyr – Level Map


The rest of the project continues to come along really well. I’ve started to make some strong headway with the level design tools, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to post a walkthrough video of the level at some point. And (as seen in the design document) I’ve also finally decided on a title for the project: Escape from Corin Tyr.

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