About Me

I am a co-founder of Lightning Rod Games, responsible for business and design.

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  • Game Design
  • Production
  • Scripting (C#, LUA, UnrealScript)
  • QA/Testing
  • Creative Writing



Paul Cordick, Producer, Ayogo:
“While working with Mark, at Ayogo, I found him to be a highly intelligent and proactive guy. Mark did a lot of the design on the project I inherited at Ayogo and had done a fantastic job providing a well thought out detailed design document. Mark worked hard with the client to come up with a design that met their needs, while still being fun to play.

While I was there Mark took a big step, moving into the Associate Producer role, producing one of a series of games we were working on. Mark turned out to be a natural at the role; his education and experience as a developer, and designer were tools he leveraged right from the start. Mark took advice from more senior producers, and put it to work immediately and effectively. When in doubt, Mark sought out the insight he needed, but it always seemed that he’d already figured it out on his own.

Mark loves games and has a true passion for them; and that came through in everything he did. Mark dealt with shifting priorities, and changes like a pro, making use of tools and techniques that were new to him, but seemed as if he’d been doing it for years. When facing ambiguity; Mark defaulted to structure, process and communications to bring order to chaos.
Mark is a team guy who will do what it takes to get a game finished, and get it finished right. Mark has an innate understanding of the balance between scheduling and quality, and his main guiding principal is the fun factor. He’s got a positive attitude that never wavered, even in the face of major challenges. Mark’s easy smile and fun approach to the job will always serve him well. I’d really like the chance to work with Mark again soon; he was a great guy to work with.”

Palle Hoffstein, Producer, Ayogo:
“Mark worked with me on several game projects, and I am happy to recommend Mark without hesitation. While a member of our production and design team, Mark worked hard to distinguish himself, build his skills and knowledge, and develop a reputation as a hard and dependable worker, which earned him greater responsibility as the projects progressed.

Mark handled a variety of critical roles on multiple projects and proved himself to be highly dependable, intelligent and flexible. Mark communicates clearly, and goes out of his way to get questions answered and problems solved.

I very much enjoyed working with Mark, and any team would do well to take advantage of his work ethic, leadership and his enjoyable company. I look forward to following his career.”

Lily McGraw, Interaction Designer, Ayogo:
“Mark has many talents that make him a valuable asset to any development team. He possesses solid leadership skills and his wit and work ethic are unmatched. His knowledge, no-nonsense, hands on approach to design made working with him a pleasure. He was incredibly quick to adapt and grow through the development of the games we worked on and continued to take on new challenges in order to execute on deliverables.

Collaborating with Mark on the Information Architecture was critical for communicating key features that enhanced the gameplay. We faced many challenges with the projects and Mark’s proactive “can do” attitude quickly adapted to even the most random of unforeseen circumstances. He was instrumental in delivering under tight time lines, while working with multiple tasks and schedules. I would love to work with Mark again. He would make a valuable team member to any project. His positive outlook and witty sense of humor was an inspiration to the team.”

Michael Fergusson, Chief Executive Officer, Ayogo:
“Mark reported directly to me at Ayogo, and I found him to be a thoughtful, hardworking colleague, well-liked by everyone who worked with him. His strong work ethic, desire to improve his craft, and high intelligence will help him build a very successful career as a game producer.”

Paul Prescod, Chief Technical Officer, Ayogo:
“Mark was a hard-working, insightful associate producer with a dedication to getting the job done. He played several roles within Ayogo, from game design to proposal writing, account management to project management. He oversaw projects from infancy to maturity and enabled us to ship products that are innovative and polished.”

Ted Nugent, Founder and President, Genius Factor Games:
“Mark is one of those guys who you just know is on a path to be a great game developer. He joined us as a Game Designer and immediately brought an impressive level enthusiasm and attention for detail to the team.

He is a great problem solver, and regularly came up with unique and innovative solutions and concepts to the multiple titles he was involved in. Although he is still early in his career I am confident that he will quickly excel and prove to be valued member of any team he is a part of.

I sincerely hope to work with him again in the future!”

David Malmberg, QA Lead, Propaganda Games:
“Mark was part of an excellent Development Support/QA team at Propaganda Games. The team had diverse talents and Mark was no exception. He brings a strong work ethic, a passion for gaming and excellent design skills to the table. He was more than willing to go the extra mile when needed and was counted on to be the Point of Contact for specific areas of the project. I would be happy to have Mark work on my team again.”